Oracle High Availability Disaster Recovery and Cloud Services

Author: Bal Mukund Sharma, Konstantin Kerekovski,
Krishna Kumar K M, Nassyam Basha, YV Ravi Kumar

ISBN-10: 1484243501

Year: 2019

Pages: 679

Language: English

File size: 21.2 MB

File format: PDF

Category: Oracle

Book Description:

Work with Oracle database’s high-availability and disaster-management technologies. This book covers all the Oracle high-availability technologies in one place and also discusses how you configure them in engineered systems and cloud services.
You will see that when you say your database is healthy, it is not limited to whether the database is performing well on day-to-day operations; rather it should also be robust and free from disasters. As a result, your database will be capable of handling unforeseen incidents and recovering from disaster with very minimal or zero downtime. Oracle High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Services explores all the high-availability features of Oracle database, how to configure them, and best practices.
After you have read this book you will have mastered database high-availability concepts such as RAC, Data Guard, OEM 13c, and engineered systems (Oracle Exadata x6/x7 and Oracle Database Appliance).
What You Will Learn
  • Master the best practices and features of Exadata and ODA
  • Implement and monitor high availability with OEM 13c
  • Clone databases using various methods in Oracle 12c R2
  • Work with the Oracle sharding features of Oracle 12c R2
Who This Book Is For
Oracle database administrators