Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine

Version 4.11

Please note: This appliance is for evaluation and educational purposes only; it is unsupported and not to be used in production. It includes software products that are optional on the Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA), including Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph and Oracle Big Data Connectors.


Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. Many Oracle Big Data platform components have been installed and configured – allowing you to begin using the system right away. The following components are included on Oracle Big Data Lite:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.9
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Enterprise Edition ( – including Oracle Big Data SQL-enabled external tables, Oracle Multitenant, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle OLAP, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Spatial and Graph, and more.
  • Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH5.13.1)
  • Cloudera Manager (5.13.1)
  • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph 2.4
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors 4.11
    • Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS 3.8.1
    • Oracle Loader for Hadoop 3.9.1
    • Oracle Data Integrator 12c (
    • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop 2.7.1
    • Oracle XQuery for Hadoop 4.9.1
    • Oracle Data Source for Apache Hadoop 1.2.1
    • Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders 1.3.1
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition 12cR1 (4.5.12)
  • Oracle JDeveloper 12c (
  • Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler 17.3.1 with Oracle REST Data Services 3.0.7
  • Oracle Data Integrator 12cR1 (
  • Oracle GoldenGate 12c (
  • Oracle R Distribution 3.3.0
  • Oracle Perfect Balance 2.10.0

Download Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine

Download BigDataLite411.7z.001 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.002 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.003 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.004 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.005 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.006 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.007 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.008 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.009 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.010 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.011 (2147483648 bytes)
Download BigDataLite411.7z.012 (27131890 bytes)